A Journey Begins With One Step...

21 years young. Mommy. Daughter. Girlfriend. Best Friend. Lover& Provider. I'm learning and growing each and every day<3

15. March 2014

I’m so blessed with my life and love how things are turning out! Can’t wait until December, big changes for my little family. We are all moving & starting new. Already have my job lined up, little man will be a couple months old & we will be in our own little place! Life is on the up & up!

Anonymous said: do michelle kno how much u talk shit bout her? u fake and flaw

Michelle & I used to always talk shit about each other, but it was nothing we didn’t say to each others faces. We talked out our problems & she’s always been here for me through thick & thin since I was 16. Definitely not fake, thanks though!

Anonymous said: did u kno tiffany and sito date?

Haha! You’re funny. Tiffany hated him for me, and rightfully so, so I know she wouldn’t want to date him. He has a baby mama & they’re expecting baby number two. We actually just caught up last week, so no they’re not dating or talking.